Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a Director at a major financial services firm and I also run my own wealth management practice.  I moonlight as a foodie with whiskey drinking tendencies. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, that failure is the best motivator and that success is defined individually. CrossFit and my better half Melissa are the two things that keep life balanced, without them I would be out of shape and miserable.

What’s your favorite shirt? The Blackman 2.0 (pictured above) – There is no better canvas than a perfectly fit white dress shirt.

Pick three letters: W I N

Describe yourself with those letters: It is the only thing that matters and the reason I wake up every day. It’s not good enough to just live and settle for mediocrity. Every day is a competition.. Everything we do is a competition. So I will work to make sure that I do everything in my power to win at every aspect.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? I would really like a fully functional suit. Having to be in a suit for the majority of my waking life was upgraded with the Mizzen+Main shirt and would be a whole new ballgame if I could get a suit to match the functionality.


According to Harper's Bazaar and New York Fashion Week, the following men's trends are at the top of the list for Spring/Summer 2015. Even if you are NOT fashion focused, you can still look the part with a little attention and care. We have added some thoughts and helpful tips on how you can incorporate these trends into your everyday style. Don't feel like you have to go with main stream, high end designers. Look for clothing companies that fit your style and budget best, like us!

bottega vega trench 
The trench coat on men is a classic staple that will never go away. Opt for one in a neutral color that hits right at your knee. This is a look the ladies LOVE.


The great thing about this look, is you can pair your denim with our Salinger Oxford and the look is effortless. This is especially a good option if you are unsure about fully commiting to the Canadian Tuxedo. Whether you are going full denim on denim or wearing our Salinger with denim, try opting for denim that is darker than your shirt to add more contrast to your outifit.


This look from the Tom Ford Spring 2015 fashion show is a no brainer. Dressed up denim is where the party is at. Our Abrams Denim would work perfectly for this look. Dress them up with a button down and blazer, or go with a nice sweater and coat. Nice monkstraps or oxfords would work well to "bottom" off the look!


Joggers made their debut late last year. While these pants are effortlessly cool and casual, we would not suggest wearing them to the office or on a date. Hey! We hear you, sweatpants are the object of everyone's desire. It's the first thing everyone should do when they get home, but maybe reserve these bad boys for a more suitable occasion. 


This Valentino model sure does look comfy in his kicks. Last year it was the "man bun." This year, the mandals are here to stay (yes, combing man sandals = mandals). This could be disastrous if you do not pamper yourself with the occasional pedicure... every man should. Take our advice, the ladies will notice if you are well groomed. Do them a favor and take care of yourself. If this is still a little too risque for your taste, opt for good old fashioned leather flip flops. 


Mizzen+Main dress shirts

These are always in style, y'all. A classic shirt that cannot be replicated awaits you. Get yours now. We promise they will make your skin so happy, you may even want to make your comforter out of them.  



While love is in the air, we thought why not show our customers how much we love them! Starting today through February 14th, get a Hucksley Dress Shirt and a Tolowa Henley for only $165, using promo code VDAY15 at checkout. 


We are also giving away a Valentine's Day Surprise Gift Basket! The basket is valued at over $600! All you have to do is enter your email address HERE. We will draw the winner on February 14th! 

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1. Champagne Rose 
2. Kendra Scott Kiri Necklace in Colbalt
3. Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Cobalt
4. Capri Blue Volcano Candle 

Drawing ends midnight on February 13th.

Be as you wish to seem.” -Socrates
Gentleman: We feel as though we have an obligation to help our #MainMen get where they'd like to be. As 2015 is slated to be a banner year for Mizen+Main...we figured that we'd share the opportunity. In this year of achievement - you need to look the part. 
Just in time for New Years resolutions - we'd like to help you have a dapper year. 
For a limited time only, use the code THERESOLUTION15 to help yourself along with three dress signature shirts and denim. 
With no ironing, no dry cleaning...and an incredible fit - you're half way there to spending less and gaining more. 
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Thanks to YOU!!

December 19, 2014


This week we were able to make an impactful contribution to the North Dallas VA hospital in support of their new Breast Cancer care unit. During the month of October we donated $25 for each pink Hucksley shirt sold. So many of our customers stepped up and helped us make a difference. 
The Mizzen+Main donation will go toward helping to make female veterans more comfortable during their treatment. These women have put their lives on the line to protect us...the least we can do is support them during this very tough time. 
Thank you all for your support!
Mizzen+Main Men! We are pleased to announce an amazing opportunity just in time for the holidays. 
Enter to win a patriotic belt from Smathers & Branson and a classic button down shirt from Mizzen+Main! The perfect pair!
Win for yourself or to gift to another #MainMan here:
May the best fan win! And, don't forget all orders over $250 receive an awesome Smathers & Branson key fob pictured below.
Hero of the Day 11/27/14 - Joe Lafko
Where do you live?
Arlington, TX
Tell us a little about yourself-
Originally from the east coast, but ended up marrying a blonde haired, blue eyed Texas girl thanks to the Marine Corps! I've returned to school and worked in professional politics, but found my passion in a start up in Dallas. Its only up from here!
Which branch of service are you in?
Why did you choose to serve?
It was part family tradition, and part judge's orders! It was luck to say the least. Everything I have learned in the Marine Corps I have been able to use in my day to day life.
What are your plans for when you are out of service/What do you do now?
I work at Mizzen+Main!
Hero of the Day 11/26/14 - Matthew Ganceres
Where do you live?
I grew up in Copperas Cove Texas but have lived in Fort Worth for a few years now.
Tell us a little about yourself-
I will soon be returning to school to finish a degree in radiology. I just recently married my high school sweetheart. I enjoy an active lifestyle mountian biking, fishing, camping and anything else that gets me outdoors.
Which branch of service are you in?
I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps at the rank of sergeant.
Why did you choose to serve?
I chose the Marine Corps to challenge myself and become something I could be proud of. 
What are your plans for when you are out of service/What do you do now?
I do have plans to retire from the Corps, after that I would like to pursue a career in radiation therapy.
Holidays are for family...not shopping. Many of you know how we at Mizzen+Main feels about discounting and sales (see Kev's Medium article on the subject). 
We believe in our customers...and in providing a quality, American made product. In this vain, we've designed two amazing holiday bundles perfect for gifting:
  • 2 Mizzen+Main dress shirts & 1 Henley for $280 (Use code DOUBLE14) OR
  • 1 Mizzen+Main dress shirt & Abrams Denim for $265 (Use code ABRAMS14)

Take your pick! We are so very proud to offer our quality products in amazing bundles for the holidays! 


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Hero of the Day 11/25/14 - Carter Cheek
Where do you live?
Dallas, TX
Tell us a little about yourself-
I'm a graduate of Southern Methodist University and founding member of The Rosedale Group. I am a former Army Infantry Officer and 2 tour wounded Veteran of the Global War on Terror. 
Which branch of service are you in?
Why did you choose to serve?
My passion for joining the military was simply a reflection of my grandfather's service in WWII.  From an early age, I associated their lifetime of success with their wartime experiences earned overseas. The passion with which they lived their lives was directly attributable to their confidence gained in uncertain scenarios when fighting to simply see the next day.  I wanted to live that style of life and no other way.  Fast forward 12 years, I was a senior in high school when the towers fell.  In step with fellow Veterans, I raised my right hand with the desire to find, fix and finish our Nation's enemies on the field of battle.  I was able to do just that, and am forever grateful to the opportunity to serve during a wartime, but pray my children will never have that opportunity.
What are your plans for when you are out of service/What do you do now?
Currently, I work at Alsbridge, Inc. as a Business Development Executive.
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