October 23, 2014


A Fresh Start With Honor Courage Commitment and #22Kill

This past week we had a very special visitor at the Mizzen+Main HQ. The #22Kill team from Honor Courage Commitment stopped by with a veteran receiving a head to toe makeover that will enable him to be successful in interviews and where he lands in his new job. He is one of many veterans who may need a bit of a leg-up upon their arrival home. 

The American serviceman pictured is making an incredible effort to get his life back on track. On Thursday he received a new hair cut, a dental cleaning, and last but certainly not least, a fitting session at Mizzen+Main. 

While we understand that looks don't always make the man, we are incredibly proud to take part in preparing veterans for their life back at home and their path to success in the career field of their choosing. It was amazing to watch this soldier emerge from the dressing room with a giant smile on his face. Our hearts swelled with pride. 

As many of you know, Mizzen+Main is built on a foundation of giving back to our community. This is just one of the great ways we get involved. Check out more on our latest veterans initiative here



For more information:

#22KILL is a program under a veteran nonprofit called Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. The #22KILL initiative is to simply show your ongoing support for the U.S. military and the veterans who have served and also to raise awareness to the veteran suicide epidemic. Veteran advocates can show their support by wearing the trademarked #22KILL Honor Ring on your right index finger. This is what we call a “silent salute.”

When you see someone with this ring on, please make it a point to shake that person’s hand because you share a common love and respect for those who serve(d). Often times it’s warriors themselves who wear the Honor Ring™ with pride in honor of his/her comrades. In this case, the ring just did its job because you shook a veteran’s hand. Veterans need to know that America cares and we support you.

October 06, 2014


Cheers to two years!

The last two years have been an incredible journey. Last week, we celebrated our two year anniversary party and grand opening of our Dallas showroom with over 150 of our friends, family, customers, and investors. With live music, incredible food, signature Old Fashioned drinks, and even a gift to us in the form of a cake shaped like dress shirts, it was quite a night. We have just closed the best month we've ever had, and we've successfully placed Mizzen+Main in a growing number of retailers across the nation. Not too shabby!
We're extremely proud of the success and growth of the company, but we've also been blown away by the community support that we've received. Our number one priority in starting Mizzen+Main has been able to create jobs and enhance the lives of veterans in our area and abroad. We truly feel as though we are meeting and exceeding our goals. 
As 2015 draws near, we are excited for what the further holds!
Cheers to two years and many, many more!
Learn more about how we are supporting our veterans during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
October 01, 2014


October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We were recently informed that veterans have a 20-40% higher chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer after their deployment. 
The thought of a solider putting their life on the line to protect the American people and then returning home to fight a battle of their own is difficult to imagine. Several members of the Mizzen+Main family have been affected by this horrible disease personally, and frankly, we know everyone has someone in their life that has as well.
We've decided to act in our own way to help raise awareness and make our own direct impact during this year's breast cancer awareness month.  
For every sale of the Hucksley shirt - we will give $25 to the Dallas VA hospital for the treatment and care of veteran breast cancer patients. This means that we will help with not only their medical treatment but also their childcare during visits (this tends to be a bigger issue when it comes to women's health issues).
Wear pink and support our troops this month! Please email info@mizzenandmain.com for questions and more info!
September 16, 2014


We're in the finals!


Through the American Made contest, Martha Stewart and the editors of Martha Stewart Living are spotlighting the next generation of great American makers: entrepreneurs, artisans, and small-business owners who are creating beautiful, inspiring, useful products; pioneering new industries; improving local communities; and changing the way we eat, shop, work, and live. Over the last few weeks, Martha Stewart and her panel of 16 esteemed judges met to review the American Made nominations searching for the best of the best American-made companies.  Among hundreds of nominees, Mizzen+Main was selected as a finalist! 

They've just turned voting over to the larger Martha Stewart American Made community. Mizzen+Main friends, family, and fans will have the opportunity to cast their vote for us! 

We're sincerely grateful for your support. Please take a moment to go vote here: http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/93079/style/mizzenmain

Go, Mizzen! Go!

September 10, 2014


Editor's Pick: Our Abrams Advanced Denim

Well...the news is out. Our denim rocks. 
While we've already seen how quickly people have taken to our denim, we must admit that we've been a bit caught off guard by how much attention we've received. Not only are we the editors pick for the Men's Health USA Denim Issue this month, we've also been selected as an exclusive pick in the full price selection on GILT while supplies last.
According to Men's Health, "[Mizzen+Main] sells jeans worthy of [their] badass button-down. Offered in just one style, Mizzen's raw selvedge denim includes 99 percent reinforced cotton and 1 percent of a brand-secret stretch technology. The democratic fit and classic wash mean they're built to last."
You could probably guess that we're bursting with pride - but, we'd be prouder if you tried a pair!
September 06, 2014


Remember Everyone Deployed on Friday.


Mizzen+Main has teamed up with One Team One Fight on this year round initiative to help keep American warriors top-of-mind. The act of wearing red on Friday symbolizes "Remembering Everyone Deployed." The goal is to show support for our servicemen and servicewomen. To date this has been a loosely organized effort. When the crew at One Team One Fight, some of whom helped us kick off our Navy SEAL Foundation focused Teams Memorial Day Shirt, asked us to help make this a year round initiative, with a beautifully designed shirt that can be worn night or day, to a barbecue or during a workout, we were thrilled to bring this to life.

One Team One Fight assists athletes and event organizers who want to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s warriors and their families. The collaboration hopes to help promote the "Wear RED on Friday's" initiative.  

As many know, patriotism is a large part of Mizzen+Main's foundation. Through several initiatives, our brand does more than talk-the-talk. Ten percent of each shirt sold will go directly to One Team One Fight.

One Team One Fight is a unique veteran's service organization in that it is comprised of three military focused non-profits acting as one coalition for the support of service members deployed, at home, and their families. These organizations include: the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Travis Manion Foundation, and 31 Heroes.

With September 11 approaching, many will pause to remember those who have lost their lives in defense of our great nation. The hope will be to carry forward that thoughtfulness through each Friday. Wearing red on Fridays is one small but meaningful way of doing just that. Hundreds of thousands of our troops are still deployed, adjusting to life back at home, or living with a loved one who is deployed or coping with these issues.

Mizzen+Main wishes to let our servicemen and servicewomen know that their county supports their sacrifice and that we will not forget them; we will remember them by wearing red every Friday.

September 03, 2014


The Main Man Cave

You decide which shirts we make next!

Here at Mizzen+Main we have changed the game, and we're doing it again. We brought you the dress shirt you've always dreamed of - now we're letting you decide which shirts get brought to life next! We'll have new designs on a rolling basis. Check back often.

What better way to kick this off than in celebration of fall football? Our first three designs pay homage to SMU, OSU, and the University of Texas.

Select which shirts you want from the Main Man Cave, powered by groundbreaking Tilt technology, and if enough people vote with you, your shirt will be brought to life and to your door in about 8 weeks. We're already making the fabric - we want your input on the design!

Don't worry - your card is only charged if that shirt hits its campaign goal of 50 shirts. Hurry though! This first campaign ends on October 1. Grab your friends, show your school spirit, and let's see whether Dallas, Columbus, or Austin will look the best at tailgate this fall!

What are you waiting for? Go!


August 29, 2014


We did it.


Before we say anything else, we have to say "thank you." We simply could not have experienced the kind of early success that we've seen without our friends, family, and loyal customers. 

In case you missed all the hubbub, we announced the closure of our series A fundraise yesterday with Lora Kolodny and an exclusive with The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some of the quoteable highlights:

  • Menswear startup Mizzen And Main LLC has raised $1.2 million in Series A funding to make tailored clothing that looks as good as upscale brands but feels like comfortable athletic wear.
  • The funding was led by Astor & Black founder David Schottenstein and VegasTechFund, with participation from other individual investors, Chief Executive Kevin Lavelle told VentureWire.
  • Earlier the fashion startup raised $250,000 from a roster of angel investors including Marcus Luttrell, author of the book “Lone Survivor,” which was turned into a movie, and Paul Danforth, a vice president at Creative Artists Agency.
  • Investor David Schottenstein, a veteran of the e-commerce and menswear industry, says the shirts are tailored and professional, looking as good as upscale brands like Brooks Brothers but feeling like Nike Dri-Fit or other quality athletic jerseys. Other companies trying to make business-appropriate menswear from so-called performance fabrics have not been able to achieve what Mizzen+Main has in terms of design of its dress shirts, Mr. Schottenstein said. The shirts have “great construction” while retaining all of the performance fabric qualities men want like stretch, comfort, moisture-wicking and a good look.
  • The $1.2 million round closed with the support of Dallas greats: Dr. Bobby B. Lyle, Hunter Hunt, and Chris Kleinert.

We are obviously incredibly excited about this news. But, we're also looking forward to what's to come. With our blazer and jeans shipping soon, we intend to continue to use our “pre-sales” approach, but will do so by using Tilt payment technology on our own site.

In the Mizzen+Main "Man Cave," customers will be able to vote on which shirt designs you want us to make most, and when the we achieve a certain number sold, we will put those shirts into production. This will be the beginning of quite a few exciting additions to our offering. 

We are so proud of what we've been able to accomplish. But most of all, we are grateful for the people we've met along the way - and the lessons we've learned. We hope to bring many more jobs to Dallas...and a greater investment in the betterment of the lives of our service men and women. 

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you,

Kevin Lavelle


*Now... go get your own shirt! 



August 28, 2014




Although the summer is coming to a close...we've still got quite a few days left of sweaty, sweaty weather. Call us crazy...but the best way to beat the heat is to wear a Mizzen+Main shirt and of course enjoy an ice cold refreshing beverage. What could possibly be better than doing both at the same time?

Main Men: you wear Mizzen+Main all week at work. We want to see you boating, pool sitting, barbecuing, or whatever else you get up to on the weekend in your Mizzen+Main threads. 

We're putting an awesome koozie in every box we ship until we run out. If you post your weekend koozie-clad shenanigans on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook tagging @MizzenAndMain with #NoSweat - you could win some sweet Mizzen+Main gear. 

You know you want one. Get one!

August 26, 2014



Back by Popular Demand: The Navy SEAL Teams Shirts

We're thrilled to work alongside the Navy SEAL Foundation with an exciting new twist



The story is simple. Patriotism is in our brand's DNA and we do more than talk about, we put our money to work. This shirt was created originally for the Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge, an athletic fundraiser that was held on May 24, 2014. The event benefits the Navy SEAL Foundation, a great organization who has authorized us to use their insignia in service to their team. The shirt lives on as an homage to the men of the Navy SEALS and continued fundraiser for this incredible organization supporting families of SEALs. This was the official shirt of the event with limited quantities available for the public that sold out... twice!

Due to the incredible popularity of the shirt, we worked with the Navy SEAL Foundation to make this signature shirt have an exciting new twist: take a picture in the shirt at famous American spots and tag us with #American Tradition to win a henley and get a henley to donate to an American serviceman or veteran!


The Facts:

  • Ten percent of the sales from each shirt will go directly back to the Navy SEAL Foundation.
  • When supporters post a photo of themselves wearing the shirt with #AmericanTradition near an American icon, or hero, they will be entered to win a henley themselves and the opportunity to gift a henley to an active service member or veteran of their choosing. 
  • The campaign will be a year-long initiative to help raise awareness for veterans and The Navy SEAL Foundation with winners chosen each month!

Good lookin' shirt for a great cause! Get yours!


About the original Memorial Day Event:

This event featured a workout called "Murph" - a brutal test of will that was established in memory of LT Michael Murphy who died in service of The United States of America while pursuing enemy combatants for Operation Red Wings. He was the team leader of one of our Main Men, Marcus Luttrell. The "Murph" event was established by CrossFit, Inc. and in this instance was hosted by Norcal CrossFit's Jason Khalipa and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, though participants around the world partake every year in CrossFit boxes, their home gyms, on the beach, or wherever they can.

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