July 15, 2014


Korengal: A Private Screening

Please join Mizzen+Main for a drink and a private film screening of KORENGAL at Angelika Film Center in Dallas Wednesday July 30th at 7 PM. 

From May 2007 to July 2008, Battle Company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade was stationed in the remote Korengal Valley of eastern Afghanistan – considered one of the most dangerous postings of the war. The soldiers of Second Platoon built and manned a remote and strategic outpost that they named “Restrepo,” in honor of their medic, PFC Juan Restrepo, who was killed in action. This is their story, in their words, of a group of men who came to be considered the “tip of the spear” for American efforts in that area.

KORENGAL is a Saboteur Media presentation; a Battle Films production in association with Goldcrest Films and Outpost Films; directed by Sebastian Junger; produced by Nick Quested and Sebastian Junger; field photography by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger; edited by Michael Levine; original music by Marty Beller; co-produced by Gretchen McGowan.

Tickets and a drink are on us but note there will be very limited availability. You must RSVP via our Event Page. It's our honor to host this private screening in support of Sebastian Junger's efforts to share the story of these brave men.

We'll be giving a majority of the tickets to veteran service organizations we've worked with around Dallas. Cheers to these gents. The remaining tickets are limited and on a first response basis. Get yours quickly!

There will be a short Q&A after the event with soldiers who served in the region.

July 15, 2014

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DC and NYC Summer Soirees

Calling all gents in DC and New York!

Mizzen+Main is pleased to host events this Thursday and Friday nights in Washington DC and New York City respectively. Come wearing your Mizzen+Main shirts (we all know it's hot right now). Drinks are on us. Please RSVP to info@MizzenAndMain.com

Looking for the perfect summer shirt? Get yours here.

Don't forget: for each dress shirt you buy and post to Twitter or Instagram, we'll be donating a henley to an active duty service member or veteran for the month of July in our #Henleys4Heroes initiative.

Washington DC Event Information


New York City Event Information


June 30, 2014

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During the month of July, we're thrilled to lead #Henleys4Heroes. What's better than Henleys and Heroes? Nothing.

For every dress shirt purchased in July and post to Twitter or Instagram, we will donate a henley to an active duty service member or veteran in your name. How does it work?

  1. Buy a Mizzen+Main dress shirt.
  2. Snap a picture with the #Henleys4Heroes card that comes in your box (also available at our partner boutiques)
  3. Upload the picture to Twitter or Instagram
  4. Tag @MizzenAndMain and include #Henleys4Heroes
For each tagged post, a henley is heading to a hero, on us, thanks to you. We’ll work with various organizations that we’ve partnered with before to select servicemen to receive the shirts. Have someone specific you want your gift to go to? Just shoot us a note info@mizzenandmain.com after you tag your picture!

--- SHOP ---

This incredible campaign runs through the end of July, so let's make it count!

Thank you for your continued support.

June 24, 2014


The Independence Day Style Guide


Let's do this, men! Celebrate while you support this weekend by following our simple style guide. Everything you need for an All-American weekend.

1.  Crab cakes and Football Tee | Mizzen+Main | 1968 Collection

Our newest 1968 tee is here just in time.  But act quick gentlemen, it won’t be here long. And remember, each of our tees sold benefits our Shirt for a Start program.

2.  Summer Chino Short in Sea Blue | GANT | GANT Rugger Collection

These summer shorts are versatile enough to be warn from the east to west coast and everywhere in between.   

3.  Wayfarer Folding Classic | Ray-Ban | Wayfarer Unmistakable

Keep things cool in the classic, modern design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. These sunglasses are timeless style icons that are sure to catch looks everywhere you go!

4.  Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe | Sperry Top-Sider | Gold Cup Collection

No outfit is complete without proper shoe wear.  The style and comfort of these iconic boat shoes will keep you moving all weekend long.  

5.  The Urban Ruck | Sword & Plough | Tradition Collection

Hand crafted from repurposed military gear, this trusty bag is here to hold everything she needs to bring.  And, then some.

6.  “The McKim” Cap | Mizzen+Main | 1968 Collection

Top things off with our “McKim Cap,” created right here in the USA by Ebbets Vintage.  

June 20, 2014


Walk of Fame

Ladies, listen up! Ready to have some good fun in the name of Mizzen+Main?  So are we.  During the month of July we will be running our #WalkOfFame campaign. Each and every one of you can be a part and getting involved is as easy as, 1, 2, 3.  And of course, help from your Main Man is encouraged but not required.

Here is your how to:

Step 1: Put on any of your guy's shirts, any way that you would like.

Step 2: Take a photo (no limit to submissions and yes, selfies appreciated)

Step 3: Post the photo on your Instagram account and be sure to do the following

  • tag us (we want your photos to show on our account!),
  • write @MizzenandMain in the photo description
  • hashtag #WalkOfFame

In return, the submitter of our favorite photo will be graciously rewarded with a Mizzen+Main $150 gift card and become the face of our Walk of Fame campaign!  So in the spirit of summer, let’s heat things up. Before you jump to it, we just have a few things to note.  Please be aware that by participating, you are allowing us to post your photo on our social platforms (no need to be camera shy!). Our social accounts will be keeping you posted along the way. All of our photos will be compiled on our devoted Pinterest section!

Here’s to you ladies, cheers!

June 18, 2014


Your Guide to Everything Is Now Pinning

In addition to our current social platforms, we would like to formally announce our Pinterest commencement!  Without getting too far into the details, let us take some time and introduce you.  

Similar to the Gunwale, our Pinterest page will be a blend of imagery, personally curated by our in-house team.  We will be covering all things style, living and leisure.  Each pin has been hand selected to represent the creative vision that lies within Mizzen+Main.  As you explore the boards and pins within our page, we hope you find the sum of our labor to be both inspirational and aspirational.

Enjoy the following sections:

1. The Main Man Handbook: Our guide to looking great from head to toe.  Wherever you are going, we’ve got you covered.  

2. Compass+Conduct: The Main Man course guide in life.

3. The Main Man: Those among us and those before us.

4. Guide Him: Because he can’t do everything himself.

5. Cheers: We’re celebrating all things worthy and everything in between. So please, grab a glass and raise it high.  


Feel free to visit us.  We’d love to show you around. 



June 17, 2014


Wait One Minute: Fore* Women Too


Mizzen+Main’s tech performance dress shirts are traditionally seen on the gentlemen who are making moves in today’s business world, but this blog is here to mention an interesting point. The men’s small is an ideal item for the professional women working who are sprinting to the top. I’d like to think that I was one of them.

The Tradition. Evolved. collection introduces the future of the conventional button-down dress shirt with its redefining comfort, four-way stretch and moisture wicking fabric. This shirt can go from day to night not only for our “Main Men”, but for our ladies as well. There is something truly comforting about the way our shirts fall on a woman’s body. Whilst it has the perfect, athletic cut for a man, it fits women in a fairly relaxed manner, while still hugging the curves in just the right way to give that fierce look we all desire. And that is the reason this traditionally men’s shirt should be hanging in every woman’s closet as their go-to get up for, almost, any occasion.

The Gingham spread collar is the perfect dress shirt for an average day at the office. Dress it up with a statement necklace, a sassy pencil skirt and pumps, or go for a more laid back look with some nice slacks, a pointed toe shoe and just a touch of lipstick to add some pizazz.

Have a couple cookouts to go to this summer? Throw this shirt on with some jean capris and boat shoes, grab your picnic basket and hit the park. It’ll keep its shape and you’ll stay calm, cool and collected all day long. So if you haven’t caught on yet, you need this shirt to complete your 2014 wardrobe. Period.

Izabella Zitney is a Kent State University fashion merchandising student and a Mizzen+Main S2014 intern. She likes soggy cereal and high fashion. The Mizzen, Main, and the Fore are the three masts of a warship - puns all day. 



June 07, 2014


Only Kings Understand Each Other.


The Tradition. Evolved. collection is built upon the standard foundation of menswear.  Our designs are as timeless as they are reliable.  Though the pieces in this collection are meant to evoke feelings of familiarity, we guarantee they are unlike any other. They only look like they are a part of the status quo. The quality and execution that we pride ourselves on is apparent within the details.  From never-before-seen synthetics in conjunction with an elite fit to create the most trustworthy of menswear textiles.  Current styles of this collection will take you from business to weekend wear through each and every season.  So, whether you are running from meeting to meeting in the summer heat or just having some beers after a long day; we have you covered.  

Only kings. We have begun to notice a bit of a pattern with the gentlemen that own Mizzen+Main pieces. They are all doing great things! Not one guy is beta, and we should know - we talk to many of our "Main Men" each day. From building young businesses to protecting our sovereign country, the Main Men are quite the unsuspecting team. We have also seen the flip side, not everyone understands the appeal of our shirts. They are so engrained in yesterday that they'd rather bicker about pricing than try it and justify it for themselves. 

Regardless, we will continue to build what we do - and in the United States. As we grow, we don't sit on stacks of profit (our margins aren't that spectacular). Rather, we reinvest in new products, new employees, and new ways to add value for our colleagues. You are a gentleman who has gone above and beyond in life, setting aside woe for action and circumstance for poise. This is the mark of a king. And one thing is for certain, only we will ever understand one another. Tradition will continue to evolve. 



June 05, 2014


Take Ivy: Our 1968 Collection

Courtesy of "Take Ivy"


Influenced by New England undergrads and updated with our modern approach, The 1968 Collection has been worn by both ladies and gentlemen.  This collection blends the traditional prestige with casual comfort.  The concept of this collection is much like the trusted baseball cap you might throw on while grabbing the Sunday paper.  Or the favored t-shirt that you wear every Friday.  Currently our collection consists of our signature Main Man branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps.  Each of our 1968 Collection pieces are specifically designed and manufactured so that they always look and feel just as you would want.  Expansion of this line will include but is not limited to: additional product categories, supplementary branding looks, and more charitable sponsorships.  We hope you wear it as proudly as we do.



June 03, 2014


We The People (of Mizzen+Main)


I have to say, if you would have asked me in 2011 where I would be in a few years I would have fumbled my answer.  As a recent graduate from the Ohio State University, I knew a little about what I wanted out of my career, a little more about what I didn’t want and a whole lot about the buckeyes.  This mere lack of direction may have been discouraging to some.  However for myself, I saw it as opportunity.  After taking positions and learning everything I could, I finally felt like I had figured something out.  So, when Kevin and Web asked me if I was ready to change the world, the only justifiable answer I could respond with was, “Do I get a shirt?”  I know, I know, not what you were thinking!  But here at Mizzen+Main, we aren’t what you are typically thinking either.  And for that reason, my actual response was more along the lines of, “when do I start?”

From the custom blended fabric we use in our shirts, to our infallible dedication to people, we are undoubtedly not like the rest of them. Here at Mizzen+Main, we aren’t just creating shirts, we are creating opportunity (though we do make amazing shirts).  Our company mission and culture runs deep within our veins.  It starts with our mission, it is demonstrated in the people we hire and we hope that it inspires those who interact with it.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am here.  My goal is to share who we are, what we do and most importantly, why we do it.  I will be providing you with news about our latest and greatest collections, tips and tricks on styling, guest feature posts and so much more.  So stay tuned, we are just getting started.


Very Sincerely, 

Chelsea Rider, Digital Media Specialist 

Follow us on Twitter: @MizzenandMain

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