You asked for it, and we've delivered. 

Over the past few months we've received hundreds of requests for a Mizzen+Main shirt that accommodates cufflinks. We have finally transitioned our most popular shirt, The Blackman 2.0 Spread Collar, into a convertible french cuff shirt. 

Main Men can really wear french cuff any time you want. They are good for the office, a date, or a more formal occasion. They really dress up your style and add a classy detail. Below we've rounded up some of our favorite cuff links that will go perfectly with our Blackman in a range of prices. 


Homebase: Columbus, OH by way of the west coast. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a neophile by nature. I enjoy traveling, good food, craft beer & bourbon, sports (former college basketball player), and spending time with friends and family. As a fun fact, I was born profoundly deaf, but with the help of my cochlear implants and hyper-supportive family, I am able to hear and have had people frequently tell me they do not even know I have a hearing loss. I currently work for Cochlear, the company that manufactures the cochlear implants, as a representative paying it forward in helping others hear. 

What's your favorite shirt? The Kingscote Oxford (bring it back!) with the Beckett as a close second. Their versatility is unmatched. 

Pick three letters: F C D

Describe yourself with those three letters: F is for family and friends, and my affinity for smashing copious amounts of food. 

C is for change, as a constant reminder to always be pushing myself to be a better person every day. If you aren't willing to face change, you can't grow as a person and take full advantage of what life has to offer you. 

D is for deafness - having been born deaf with a "disability", yet overcoming those challenges and barriers to be a fully functional person has helped shaped who I am today. Someone once told me I was born to lose, but built to win - and the credits go to my parents and brother who never let me use my hearing as an excuse to prevent me from doing what I want in life. 

What pattern or garment would you like to see most from Mizzen+Main? Dress pants. With the frequent travel I do for work, being able to toss in a pair of dress pants along with my M+M shirts and knowing I'll always be looking my best from head to toe would be key. 

What is your Twitter handle? I recently deleted Twitter and Facebook, but am active on Instagram - @GWHIIITE 


Where’s homebase? Liberty Township ohio - (Cincinnati)

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a Chiropractor and owner of Align Chiropractic, my wife and I also own Crossfit Cornerstone. My passion is in seeing people live out their potential in their health, fitness, and all other aspects of their life. My two boys, Hudson (3.5 y/o) and Brooks (18 months) and my wife are the reason I live.

What’s your favorite shirt? Lavelle cornflower blue

Pick three letters: RTB

Describe yourself with those letters: 
really, truly, blessed

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? Whatever Mizzen+Main does next because I am never disappointed.

What is your twitter handle? @drryanberlin

Mizzen+Main is proud to be a part of Tim Ferriss' latest podcast, available on iTunes or directly here: Tim is the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body, and The Four Hour Chef.

To quote Mr. Ferriss himself: 

"Mizzen+Main. Don't worry about the spelling, all you need to know is this: I have organized my entire life around avoiding fancy shirts because you have to iron them, you sweat through them, they smell really easily, they're a pain in the ass. Mizzen+Main has given me the only shirt that I need. And what I mean by that, and Kelly Starrett loves these shirts as well, is that you can trick people. They look really fancy so you can take them out to nice dinners, whatever, but they're made from athletic sweat-wicking material so you can throw this thing in your luggage in a heap or on your kitchen table like I did recently and then pull it out, throw it on with no ironing, no steaming, no nothing, walk out and you can probably wear this thing for a week straight or make it your only dress shirt and take it on trips for weeks at time, never wash it, it will not smell, you will not sweat through it. You gotta check these things out!"

Tim Ferriss Mizzen+Main Dress Shirt

*** photo by: Yanyun Chen ***

Where’s homebase? 

Currently the base is Seoul, but home is Iowa. Prior to moving to Seoul, I lived variously around America in Colorado, Utah and California. I’ve lived in Spain, too, and have traveled to 15+ countries, but at the center of it all -where the majority of family and friends reside- is Iowa, which remains the pinion for the wheel and motions.

Tell us a bit about yourself:  

I’m an assistant professor of literature and creative writing in the Dept. of English at Yonsei University. During the winter, I tend to be tucked away in my home office writing articles, poems, drafts of new books or short stories, and summers find me back in Iowa, helping friends and family remodel their houses, or helping them drink their Miller Lite, preferably in tandem. I published a novel last year, Squirrel Haus, and I have several more books and articles coming out very soon in 2015. I recently contributed a long poem to a book (It’s Fiction) as part of a collaboration with my friend -the very talented artist Yanyun Chen. When not chained to my desk, I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on -especially about the natural sciences- and in my spare time I train muay thai and krav maga in addition to boxing. My most pressing project lately has been starting a small poetry imprint, Silo Press, which will publish chapbooks in print and online. We have some excellent authors already lined up. It’s an exciting project.

What’s your favorite shirt?  

It is quite hard to answer this without sounding beholden to this forum (as in, I am not receiving any remuneration for this commentary or for my praise), but Mizzen & Main do make excellent shirts. I chanced across their shirts some time ago, purely by luck, ordered a few and loved them. Ordered almost all of their shirts, in fact. Since I have to wear a suit to work, they’re excellent in the humid Korean summers, and with layers they work equally well in other seasons. Actually, Mizzen & Main’s clothing was the first time in recent memory that I wore any shirt that wasn’t a variation on grey, a big step for me (excepting my fondness for ridiculous Hawaiian print). But I would posit that M&M is my favorite shirt company overall. Similar to other favorite brands of mine like Saddleback, Panerai, Red Wings or Ray Bans, I will continue to come back to Mizzen & Main’s products. If I sound a tad effusive here, it’s because a good product and good customer service are incredibly hard to find in this day and age of bottom lines and shareholders’ priority over customers’. M&M is a rare company and has my respect because in my dealings with them they have been professional and personable. Favorites and rare, indeed.

Pick three letters: 

This is also impossibly hard to answer since my relation to letters and words and language is complicated by my background as a writer and as someone who speaks several languages. In some ways I would like to answer this with Rimbaud’s poem, ‘Voyelles’. The science-oriented part of me wants to answer ‘ATCG’, though that would be four letters. This is a terribly hard question. Give me a few years.

Describe yourself with those letters: 

If someone reads my books, articles or poems, I describe myself with many letters there.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? 

Not being a strongly fashion-oriented person, I haven’t a clue. Were M&M to continue producing their excellent shirt line I would be ever content. I remember visiting the National Museum in Napoli and seeing the jewelry that was brought back from the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. They were, in all respects, very modern in their appearance. They didn’t seem 2000 years old there in their glass cases. I think there’s a certain aesthetic quality that remains relatively stable, a kind of classic line or particular look, that inheres in fashion, though I am speaking here more or less from the hip. Variation almost always seems to react to this center, in art or fashion or whatever, but I think that kind of ‘classic’ center remains quite stable, human and representational. M&M seems to understand this. But, M&M, just please don’t start producing hipster-esque clothing. Please.

What is your twitter handle? 

I am not brave enough for Twitter. It terrifies me.

We have all been there. You get to the gym, ready to start your workouts and realize you left something invaluable at home. Take our tips! These are the 5 things you should always have in your gym bag. 

1.) Appropriate gear - Whether you're a CrossFitter, runner, cyclist, swimmer or all around athlete, ensure you have all the tools you need to make your workout a successful one. This includes:  proper shoes, gloves, and attire. Our favorite workout shoes are our Reebok Nano's.

2.) Healthy snacks - Crashing mid workout is never a fun thing to experience. Carry an apple or protein bar with you at all times to keep your energy up! 

3.) A large water bottle - It is important to stay hydrated while you exercise. Don't forget, hydrated skin makes happy skin.

4.) Mizzen+Main - Our tees make great workout shirts while our henleys are perfect layering shirts to work out in as well. Of course, our signature dress shirts can travel with you in your gym bag! Not only will they not be wrinkled in your bag, it is also a sure fire way to ensure you stay cool after your workout on your way to the office. 

5.) Business Cards - You never know who will be next to you in spin class! Working out is great for your body but it is also a great way to meet new people and make connections in the business world. Don't forget your cards! 

@ClintCCarr from Cypress, TX

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a commercial contractor who's blessed to have a beautiful wife, Chelsea, and 4-month old son, Canon. I received my degree in Business Management from Texas State university in 2012 and currently serving as President of my fraternities Alumni Association. I enjoy playing golf in my free time and a well made old-fashioned.

What’s your favorite shirt? All of my oxfords!

Pick three letters: ACL

Describe yourself with those letters: Ambitious, Confident, and Loyal.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? More colors in the Oxford line, preferably dark navy and black.

1. Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes that will keep your favorite Bourbon chilled without dilluting it. ($39.95)

2. A classy Rock Avenue Bowtie that looks amazing with our blazer. ($55)

3. Simple flip flops that give back. For every pair you purchase, a portion is donated to help kids that are fighting cancer. ($60)

4. The best shaving care products ever. (pricing varies)

5. A simple American-made weekender that every guy should own. ($375)

6. A handmade needlepoint belt that screams 'merica. ($165)

7. Mizzen+Main McKim Cap that will become your favorite hat as soon as you put it on ($48)



Where’s homebase? Lynnwod, WA

Tell us a bit about yourself: Father of two beautiful, happy, smart, healthy little guys (4.5 & 7). Husband to an amazingly gorgeous and devoted wife who is stronger than basically every guy at our gym, Crossfit Northsound. Bourbon enthusiast. 

What’s your favorite shirt? I've got like 10. Beckett, Fitzgerald, Eliot, USA Tee, Salinger, Blackman 2.0, all the henleys...

Pick three letters: DNA

Describe yourself with those letters: The code that determines who we are. The code I will forever live by, Darren 'n Alicia  

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? Tough, not sure. Lifting shoes (j/k). Move the button one down from the top up a tiny bit?!?! 

What is your twitter handle? @DarrenSolberg 



Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a Director at a major financial services firm and I also run my own wealth management practice.  I moonlight as a foodie with whiskey drinking tendencies. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, that failure is the best motivator and that success is defined individually. CrossFit and my better half Melissa are the two things that keep life balanced, without them I would be out of shape and miserable.

What’s your favorite shirt? The Blackman 2.0 (pictured above) – There is no better canvas than a perfectly fit white dress shirt.

Pick three letters: W I N

Describe yourself with those letters: It is the only thing that matters and the reason I wake up every day. It’s not good enough to just live and settle for mediocrity. Every day is a competition.. Everything we do is a competition. So I will work to make sure that I do everything in my power to win at every aspect.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? I would really like a fully functional suit. Having to be in a suit for the majority of my waking life was upgraded with the Mizzen+Main shirt and would be a whole new ballgame if I could get a suit to match the functionality.


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