About the company:

1.) Why did you decide to start your own clothing company?

At first it started out as just an idea, but that idea quickly turned into a vision to create the next great American company. From our commitment to keeping products made here to the marrying of tradition and innovation, I knew I could build something meaningful. We have an incredible team that is helping bring that vision to life every day. It is an unbelievable journey.

From the beginning, giving back to the veteran community and keeping production here in the United States were two principles that I have ensured permeate through everything the company does. From donations to various veteran’s fundraisers and sponsorships of events, Mizzen+Main will continue to help veteran’s causes as much as possible.  

2.) Why the name "Mizzen+Main”?

The Main, the Mizzen, and Jib are the first 3 masts on a three masted war ship/sail boat. The concept of using the wind to propel you forward really resonated with our team. Our shirts are crafted from the very best moisture wicking fabric. Our advanced performance fabric is moisture wicking and keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable in every situation. No ironing, no dry cleaning - no sweat.

3.) What has been the best thing about starting a business and the worst?

The best part of starting a business has been sharing the passion for greatness and pursuit of excellence with my team and family. Growing something and seeing it succeed has been an amazing experience. As far as the worst, one can imagine the stress and hard work that comes with starting a business. Fortunately i have an extremely supportive wife, family, group of friends, and team.  

4.) What do you see for Mizzen+Main in the next 5 years?

I see Mizzen+Main as a household name within the next five years. Sooner even.

Random questions:

5.) Wine or beer? PC or Mac? Coffee or Tea? Chocolate or Vanilla?

A good red wine is always a great choice, but my drink of choice is bourbon. I drink American beer. Mac, COFFEE, I have a chocolate problem.

6.) What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

Though not given to me directly, Jim Carrey’s commencement speech last year had an unbelievable truism: You can fail at what you don't love, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.

7.) What do you do in your free time?

Spending time with my wife and two giant Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I also truly enjoy working out at CrossFit Big D. I have learned so much about myself and made great friends through CrossFit. Traveling whenever possible for fun!

8.) What are the top three things you could not live without?

My wife, my dogs, and my phone. My phone is glued to my hand. 

9.) What has been the most rewarding experience of your life?

Marrying my wife, personally. Professionally, hiring several people!

10.) What would you tell your younger self?

Don’t take everything so seriously!


Customer questions:

From Eddie Mrowka: "Does your new Spring/Summer line include any new denim? #LoveTheAbrams

Not quite yet - we’ve got some cool things cooking for later this year though!

From Cass Anderson: "Why CrossFit”

Why not?! It’s the best training regimen out there, especially for on the go entrepreneurs like myself!

From @RwhiteL: "Tim Tebow asks you to do a co-invest in Uber with him, but you can never talk about CrossFit again. What do you do???” 

Too cruel a question to even answer!

From Rob Fasani: "Will we see made to measure shirts in the future from M+M?”

Not this year, but we have some cool partnerships we’re exploring to get closer to custom!

Where’s homebase?

Currently, Columbus, Ohio  -  I grew up in Warren, Ohio, went to college in Youngstown, Ohio and lived briefly in Thessaloniki, Greece as a small child. 

Tell us a bit about yourself:  

I’m an engineering supervisor at American Electric Power.  I attended Youngstown State University where I got to play football for one of the best FCS (Division 1-AA) teams in the land and majored in Electrical Engineering.  I also played soccer growing up. I really enjoy painting, photography, rehabbing homes and now I’m trying to learn how to woodwork.  I just started swimming as a workout and it’s very humbling. That is a very difficult thing to do. My parents are both Greek immigrants so my brother, sister and me had a ton of fun growing up abroad and here in Ohio.

What’s your favorite shirt?  

Beckett or the Whitman, I’m just a big fan of blue.  Honestly, any of the gingham.

Pick three letters: F S W

Describe yourself with those letters: 

F  -  Family and Food, obviously go with my heritage and upbringing.  We have always been a very close knit family and anytime we’re all together there is always an abundance of wonderful food my mom whipped up with her memorized recipes.

S – Sports. Playing soccer and football growing up taught me a ton of great life lessons, helped me create a lot of long lasting friendships and paid for college. Nowadays, I play a little soccer to keep active but mostly I enjoy cheering on the Browns, Indians, Cavs, Buckeyes and my YSU Penguins.

W – Work.  I like to think my parents instilled a good work ethic in me. I think we often underestimate what how difficult it must be for immigrants to leave their native countries to come here to the US. I saw first hand the struggles my parents went through and I think they really showed me the values of a good work ethic. 

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? 

 I would love to see Mizzen+Main make a nice simple navy golf shirt. They’ve already outdone themselves with the dress shirts and I’m sure that a golf shirt would be nothing less than stellar.

 What is your twitter handle? 


**photo credit: Erica Taffany***



Where’s homebase? The Bay Area, California

Tell us a bit about yourself: Born and raised in the Bay Area, I recently returned home after spending a few years away. In that time, I graduated from SMU (Go Stangs!) and lived in various cities throughout our great nation. If I could live anywhere, I would move to Denver but I am home for a while. I work for a great company (Expensify), have found a great church (C3SV), and most of all I get to marry an amazing woman (Analisa). In my spare time, I like to travel and see as much of the world around me as possible.

What’s your favorite shirt? The Hawthorne

Pick three letters: H, S, T,

Describe yourself with those letters:

H - Hustle

S - Serve others and stay humble

T - Tacos

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? I would like to wear a grey Mizzen+Main suit on the day of my wedding

What is your twitter handle? I rarely use Twitter but when I do - agarces87

Dallas is home to so many great things from The Mavericks, The Rangers, The Cowboys, the Texas State Fair and a plethora of amazing food... but why is Mizzen+Main located here? Not only are we seeing a huge growth of people and businesses in Texas, the fashion industry is gaining speed too. We are seeing more and more fashion companies, boutiques and bloggers pop up in our fast paced city. Dallas is the perfect place to be for a small business. Planning on visiting? Our team rounded up the best local spots. 



Mizzen+Main showroom nestled in the Dallas Design District. We are always up for visitors! The best place to go for shirts in Dallas (or anywhere, really) when you want to avoid dry cleaning, don't want to iron or keep neat during the day.

- Klyde Warren Park is the coolest city park around. The 5.2 acre public park in Downtown Dallas is centered in between the best museums around. The park features constant food trucks, a doggie park, multiple restaurants within walking distance and fun activities for a date or family! 

- Bishop Arts District located in the heart of North Oak Cliff, the Bishop Arts District is home to over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries, making it one of Dallas' most unique neighborhoods.

- Museums: DMA, Nasher Sculpture Center, Perot, George Bush Presidential Library, Sixth Floor Museum

- Local Coffee Shops: Wild Detectives is a bar/bookstore/patio that will rock your world. Houndstooth located in uptown Dallas, knows how to roast their beans to perfection. 

- Restaurants: Javier's Cigar Bar, Rise No. 1, Fireside Pies, Sissy's, Truckyard

- Best Places to Shop: Knox Henderson, HP Village, West Village - All of these are outside plazas with tons of stores that cater to men and women! 

Follow this link to view the map! 





Where’s homebase?

Columbus, OH


Tell us a bit about yourself:

Currently, I am a newly minted attorney who specializes in doing what I am told.  Before that, I graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School in 2014 and Centre College, where I was an economics major and a swimmer, in 2011.


What’s your favorite shirt?

I should say the Blackman because I wear it everyday, but honestly it's any of the henleys.  They are so comfortable.


Pick three letters:



Describe yourself with those letters:

Not Very Tall.


What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

More henleys!  Dress shirt wise, a medium sized gingham pattern in navy would be awesome.


What is your twitter handle?

@glstevens3.  I rant about soccer.

We have mulled over and over this list. There are so many celebs that have great style, but picking the best of the best is no easy task. It is difficult to embody the true #MainMan style. Not only do our everyday #MainMen look put together - they're class acts. After some grueling discussions, a few fist bumps and some major research, here are the 5 guys we envy when it comes to their style choices.

 *The more casual look on the right could be easily done by pairing our Frost Oxford under a gray sweater with our Abrams Denim!*

 *A traditional Blackman Dress Shirt would look perfect under a blue blazer! The Blackman also now features a Convertible French Cuff.*

*Try pairing our Beckett Dress Shirt with a brown cardigan and navy chino to replicate this look on the left! Layering any type of sweater or cardigan over our dress shirts can instantly transition it from business to relaxed.* 

*Try our denim with a cognac colored blazer to look effortlessly put together.*

*The Blackman Dress Shirt looks great under any suit. If you want more of a casual look, like the one on the right - try pairing our Apache Navy Henley with a black bomber jacket!* 



You asked for it, and we've delivered. 

Over the past few months we've received hundreds of requests for a Mizzen+Main shirt that accommodates cufflinks. We have finally transitioned our most popular shirt, The Blackman 2.0 Spread Collar, into a convertible french cuff shirt. 

Main Men can really wear french cuff any time you want. They are good for the office, a date, or a more formal occasion. They really dress up your style and add a classy detail. Below we've rounded up some of our favorite cuff links that will go perfectly with our Blackman in a range of prices. 


Homebase: Columbus, OH by way of the west coast. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a neophile by nature. I enjoy traveling, good food, craft beer & bourbon, sports (former college basketball player), and spending time with friends and family. As a fun fact, I was born profoundly deaf, but with the help of my cochlear implants and hyper-supportive family, I am able to hear and have had people frequently tell me they do not even know I have a hearing loss. I currently work for Cochlear, the company that manufactures the cochlear implants, as a representative paying it forward in helping others hear. 

What's your favorite shirt? The Kingscote Oxford (bring it back!) with the Beckett as a close second. Their versatility is unmatched. 

Pick three letters: F C D

Describe yourself with those three letters: F is for family and friends, and my affinity for smashing copious amounts of food. 

C is for change, as a constant reminder to always be pushing myself to be a better person every day. If you aren't willing to face change, you can't grow as a person and take full advantage of what life has to offer you. 

D is for deafness - having been born deaf with a "disability", yet overcoming those challenges and barriers to be a fully functional person has helped shaped who I am today. Someone once told me I was born to lose, but built to win - and the credits go to my parents and brother who never let me use my hearing as an excuse to prevent me from doing what I want in life. 

What pattern or garment would you like to see most from Mizzen+Main? Dress pants. With the frequent travel I do for work, being able to toss in a pair of dress pants along with my M+M shirts and knowing I'll always be looking my best from head to toe would be key. 

What is your Twitter handle? I recently deleted Twitter and Facebook, but am active on Instagram - @GWHIIITE 


Where’s homebase? Liberty Township ohio - (Cincinnati)

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a Chiropractor and owner of Align Chiropractic, my wife and I also own Crossfit Cornerstone. My passion is in seeing people live out their potential in their health, fitness, and all other aspects of their life. My two boys, Hudson (3.5 y/o) and Brooks (18 months) and my wife are the reason I live.

What’s your favorite shirt? Lavelle cornflower blue

Pick three letters: RTB

Describe yourself with those letters: 
really, truly, blessed

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? Whatever Mizzen+Main does next because I am never disappointed.

What is your twitter handle? @drryanberlin

Mizzen+Main is proud to be a part of Tim Ferriss' latest podcast, available on iTunes or directly here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/podcast/. Tim is the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body, and The Four Hour Chef.

To quote Mr. Ferriss himself: 

"Mizzen+Main. Don't worry about the spelling, all you need to know is this: I have organized my entire life around avoiding fancy shirts because you have to iron them, you sweat through them, they smell really easily, they're a pain in the ass. Mizzen+Main has given me the only shirt that I need. And what I mean by that, and Kelly Starrett loves these shirts as well, is that you can trick people. They look really fancy so you can take them out to nice dinners, whatever, but they're made from athletic sweat-wicking material so you can throw this thing in your luggage in a heap or on your kitchen table like I did recently and then pull it out, throw it on with no ironing, no steaming, no nothing, walk out and you can probably wear this thing for a week straight or make it your only dress shirt and take it on trips for weeks at time, never wash it, it will not smell, you will not sweat through it. You gotta check these things out!"

Tim Ferriss Mizzen+Main Dress Shirt

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