Where’s home base?

I live and work out of Santa Cruz, CA but will forever think of myself as a Texan (born and raised in Austin). 

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm a husband to an amazing woman and a father of two crazy rug rats.

 I love to travel. I've lived and worked across the globe, from Alaska's Bristol Bay to the French Alps and New Zealand's South Island. 

I have the best job in the World. CrossFit captured my attention in 2007 and has since allowed me to blend what I'm passionate about (helping people) with what I do for a living. First, as a trainer in a box (US CrossFit) then on Seminar Staff and ultimately as a member of the CrossFit HQ Media team. I love the community, the ethos and the mentality.  

I get outside the box as often as possible. Surfing has gripped me recently and I get in the water whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Every day is an adventure and life is very good. 

What’s your favorite shirt?

I spend a majority of my life in the Henley and Perfect Hoodie Henley, but the Salinger is my "Go To." 

Pick three letters:

P, F, D

Describe yourself with those letters:




 What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

Coming from the training world, I think pants and shorts would be a strong addition. Mizzen and Main shirts have changed the game entirely for we strangely put together body types where shirts are concerned. I would love to extend that from the head to the toes. 

What is your twitter handle?


Why is making conscientious purchases so important? We believe it is important for US businesses to manufacture products inside the states instead of sending it overseas. We believe in creating jobs for Americans and pouring our success back into the country from which we started. Mizzen+Main aims to hold this value close to us as we continue to grow and build. 

Here are some of our favorite American Made things: 



Where’s homebase?

Las Colinas, TX.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm the Mobile Director at an award-winning design, development and product strategy agency in Dallas, TX called Oven Bits (ovenbits.com). I mentor a team of mobile developers and am responsible for ensuring high-quality mobile experiences for our clients and incubator projects.I speak at events and teach classes in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas on topics including iOS development, Android development, lean product development, design and user experience.

What’s your favorite shirt?

I’m a big fan of the “Beckett” at work and Light Blue Henley at home.

Pick three letters:

x q z

Describe yourself with those letters:

*facepalm* I meant these three letters: Musician Apple-fanboy (kind of a) Nerd

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

I’d like to see a few darker color options for the dress shirts.

What is your twitter handle?


Our Abrams Denim is modelled very closely after Selvedge Denim. We have had a ton of inquiries about what Selvedge Denim is and why it is so damn tight.

1.) Selvedge Denim is denim that has been spun and weaved using old fashioned techniques. Most people in the fashion world have the opinion that this makes them superior. It is actually the only way to get that awesome vintage worn in look while having brand new jeans. 

2.) Because of the spinning process, Selvedge Denim is EXTREMELY tight and durable. 

3.) It will 100% stretch. So even if they are tighter than toddler leggings on a fully grown man, they will indeed stretch to be a perfectly cozy fit. 

4.) DON'T WASH THEM OFTEN. Yes - you read that right. Do. Not. Wash. Often. This strips the denim of its natural fibers and dye and will cause them to become dingy and gross. If you need to get the funk off them, you can always stick them in the freezer to kill bacteria. For Real. That is no joke. When you do wash them (only once every few months), make sure you hang them to dry.

5.) They will fade a bit and the dye MAY rub off on other things. Most denim is treated with an indigo dye to give them that classic denim blue color and because Selvedge Denim is not prewashed or treated with anything to prevent the bleed, the color may rub off on car seats and chairs. Don't worry, the first time you wash them, that will stop! 

So what is so different about our denim? So glad you asked. 

The Abrams Denim gives the look and feel of selvedge denim with just enough performance to fit that athletic build. Our denim maintains the appearance and texture of selvedge denim but gently breaks in for a vastly more comfortable wear. So while our Abrams Denim does have many of the qualities above, they are even better because of the unique Mizzen+Main properties. These were made for athletes. 

Our modern athletic cut is different than the stretch denim that you've come to know. Completely organic in appearance, our denim is 99% reinforced cotton and 1% Mizzen+Main proprietary technology, allowing the most capable man to fit in an improved version of the versatile "slim straight" fit. It is the perfect appearance of classic American selvedge denim without the "jeggings" feel that you will find in other attempts at modified denim.

Get them here!  


Where’s homebase? NYC

Tell us a bit about yourself: Born and raised in Bronxville, New York just north of the city in Westchester County, I'm a New Yorker through and through. I attended Bowdoin College where I played Division III football in the NESCAC, the greatest conference in America. I have a strong passion for music and ran a successful music website while at school as well as having worked at both Republic Records and Sony Music. Currently taking time off before starting a job in PR. My hobbies include running, SoulCycle, attending concerts, a good read, as well as a good rap freestyle to get the creative juices flowing.

What’s your favorite shirt? The "Alcott" always has me feeling a type of way.

Pick three letters: RCD

Describe yourself with those letters: Richard. That's my first name, just being straight forward there.

Compassionate. Only thing I care about more than my family and friends may be dogs, especially my two angels Frankie and Lady Bear. If you don't like pups...you're suspect.

Drake. My favorite artist in the world. Dude is just the freshest.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? Short sleeve button downs for men are super hot right now so M+M should definitely get on that. Also would love to see them tap into the loungewear game, especially a nice pair of sweat shorts. 


What is your twitter handle? I am not currently on twitter but you can follow me on Instagram at @rcdrizzy


Mother's Day is right around the corner (Sunday, May 10th)! We have compiled a few gifts that any mom would love that would definitely top last minute flowers - although those are good add ons! 
1.)  Upgraded Sunglasses $200.00
2.) Monogram Necklace $145.00
3.) A cozy PJ Set $49.50
4.) Instax Mini Instant Camera $75.00
5.) Cast Iron Tea Pot $24.99
6.) Kendra Scott Earrings $60
7.) Brunch Tea Set $39.95
8.) Gold Pineapple Candle $19.95
9.) The cutest bowls $6.95 ea
10.) Rose Gold Watch $205

Where’s homebase?
Santa Clara, CA

Tell us a bit about yourself:
From a small town that is home to the next Super Bowl, change is a part of life that I love. I originally went to school for English, but wound up as an assistant band director at a local high school where I helped lead the fall and winter marching programs to trophies at every competition we went to. Currently working in accounting, I spend the free time I have jamming on any instrument I can get my hands on, hanging out with family and friends, or finding the best new food and drink in the area. Ambition and drive are important to me, but as one of my old music instructors always told me, if you're not having fun then you're doing it wrong.

What’s your favorite shirt?
The Hawthorne. An incredibly versatile shirt that can be worn casual or dressy

Pick three letters:

Describe yourself with those letters:
Precise, Witty, and Caring

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?
I've mentioned it to Kevin and the team, but I'd kill for an all-black button-up called "The Cash"!

What is your twitter handle?

Starting out in a new field? Finally found that job that is just calling your name? What do you wear! What if the position is super corporate and they all dress in their Sunday best? Or, what if it is a start up and mostly everyone there is a hipster rocking Birkenstocks and skinny jeans*? Seriously, what do you wear! Don't let panic ensue just yet. We have some easy outfit ideas guaranteed to make a good first impression with that corporate CEO and the start-up creative.

*pictured Mizzen+Main Dress shirt*

Suits are always the best choice.
Regardless of which job type you are applying for, a suit always says something about the guy inside it. It says you care about your appearance and you care about the job enough to give it your best. Try for a suit in a color other than black - navy and gray are good options. Make sure it fits well and hits your shoes just right or you will look a little less than appealing. 

Personal grooming is important! 
Make sure you're washed up, you avoid wrinkly shirts and clothing with stains, your hair is freshly cut (or looks that way) and are 100% presentable. You do not want to give someone any reason not to hire you, especially for something as small as a 5 o'clock shadow.

Belongings show a lot about you! 
Carry a briefcase? No? You should! Or opt for a handy shoulder bag instead to show how organized you are. Shoes are equally as important. No one should wear tennis shoes or sandals with a suit. Get some monkstraps or classy oxfords.


*While Mizzen+Main is a startup, only one of us owns a pair of Birks, and half of us own skinny jeans (just the ladies) BUT we don't discriminate! Most of the time you can find us in denim, Mizzen+Main shirts and sitting at the ping pong table in the middle of the office.*

Where’s homebase?

City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA


Tell us a bit about yourself:

My parents emigrated from Russia back in the late seventies making me the first born generation, pretty much grew up on the east coast. Started doing traditional martial arts at 5 years old, then at the age of 13 started to doing Muay Thai and haven't look back since. I guess you can say martial arts has been a big part of my life. I've traveled the world training and competing with some of the top trainers in the world. All though I no longer compete I still teach and train on a regular basis.  CrossFit and strength training are also big aspects of my life. On a professional level for the last 12 years I've worked as a medical device manager, selling and working with some of the top companies and physicians in the world. Also own and operate a small lifestyle brand e-commerce site called Hellalife.I guess you can say I'm a pretty active guy!


What’s your favorite shirt?

I'm a new customer so I don't have a favorite yet, but with that being said the dress shirts will be what I will be purchasing the most of.


Pick three letters:

P, L and C


Describe yourself with those letters:

Passion, Love and Compassion


What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

I'm a big fan of stripes and patterns on dress shirts rather than just solid colors.  More of those are always a plus!


What is your twitter handle?

Twitter is @bokmandavid



In observation of Earth Day, we have complied a list of some awesome Earth Friendly products! 


1.) Solar Chandelier - The coolest looking Solar Chandelier. Guaranteed to make the ladies impressed by your taste in decor. 

2.) Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand - A Great gift for Father's Day and Mother's Day - reclaimed from old wood and recycled into a cookbook/book stand! 

3.) Moo Shoes Boots - Moo Shoes sells cruelty free shoes from a plethora of brands! You can get similar looking suede and leather shoes that are eco friendly and cruelty free for a fraction of the cost here! 

4.) Matt & Nat Shoulder Bag - Matt & Nat (short for Mat(t)erial & Nature) is a unique company that specializes in cruetly free and eco friendly accessories. We are loving this gray faux leather messenger bag. 

5.) Kona Brewing Company Beer - All the beer you can drink and feel great while doing so, you can get from Kona. Their commitment to sustainability is spot on. You can read more about that on their site.

6.) Meyers Cleaning Supplies - Just because you're a dude, doesn't mean your man cave should smell like one. 

7.) On the Rocks Gift Set - The Whiskey Rocks in this gift set are made from reclaimed granite disks found on New England Beaches. How cool is that? Not to mention the glasses are made from 50% recycled glass in Louisiana. 



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