August 29, 2014


We did it.


Before we say anything else, we have to say "thank you." We simply could not have experienced the kind of early success that we've seen without our friends, family, and loyal customers. 

In case you missed all the hubbub, we announced the closure of our series A fundraise yesterday with Lora Kolodny and an exclusive with The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some of the quoteable highlights:

  • Menswear startup Mizzen And Main LLC has raised $1.2 million in Series A funding to make tailored clothing that looks as good as upscale brands but feels like comfortable athletic wear.
  • The funding was led by Astor & Black founder David Schottenstein and VegasTechFund, with participation from other individual investors, Chief Executive Kevin Lavelle told VentureWire.
  • Earlier the fashion startup raised $250,000 from a roster of angel investors including Marcus Luttrell, author of the book “Lone Survivor,” which was turned into a movie, and Paul Danforth, a vice president at Creative Artists Agency.
  • Investor David Schottenstein, a veteran of the e-commerce and menswear industry, says the shirts are tailored and professional, looking as good as upscale brands like Brooks Brothers but feeling like Nike Dri-Fit or other quality athletic jerseys. Other companies trying to make business-appropriate menswear from so-called performance fabrics have not been able to achieve what Mizzen+Main has in terms of design of its dress shirts, Mr. Schottenstein said. The shirts have “great construction” while retaining all of the performance fabric qualities men want like stretch, comfort, moisture-wicking and a good look.
  • The $1.2 million round closed with the support of Dallas greats: Dr. Bobby B. Lyle, Hunter Hunt, and Chris Kleinert.

We are obviously incredibly excited about this news. But, we're also looking forward to what's to come. With our blazer and jeans shipping soon, we intend to continue to use our “pre-sales” approach, but will do so by using Tilt payment technology on our own site.

In the Mizzen+Main "Man Cave," customers will be able to vote on which shirt designs you want us to make most, and when the we achieve a certain number sold, we will put those shirts into production. This will be the beginning of quite a few exciting additions to our offering. 

We are so proud of what we've been able to accomplish. But most of all, we are grateful for the people we've met along the way - and the lessons we've learned. We hope to bring many more jobs to Dallas...and a greater investment in the betterment of the lives of our service men and women. 

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

*Now... go get your own shirt! 



August 28, 2014




Although the summer is coming to a close...we've still got quite a few days left of sweaty, sweaty weather. Call us crazy...but the best way to beat the heat is to wear a Mizzen+Main shirt and of course enjoy an ice cold refreshing beverage. What could possibly be better than doing both at the same time?

Main Men: you wear Mizzen+Main all week at work. We want to see you boating, pool sitting, barbecuing, or whatever else you get up to on the weekend in your Mizzen+Main threads. 

We're putting an awesome koozie in every box we ship until we run out. If you post your weekend koozie-clad shenanigans on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook tagging @MizzenAndMain with #NoSweat - you could win some sweet Mizzen+Main gear. 

You know you want one. Get one!

August 26, 2014



Back by Popular Demand: The Navy SEAL Teams Shirts

We're thrilled to work alongside the Navy SEAL Foundation with an exciting new twist



The story is simple. Patriotism is in our brand's DNA and we do more than talk about, we put our money to work. This shirt was created originally for the Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge, an athletic fundraiser that was held on May 24, 2014. The event benefits the Navy SEAL Foundation, a great organization who has authorized us to use their insignia in service to their team. The shirt lives on as an homage to the men of the Navy SEALS and continued fundraiser for this incredible organization supporting families of SEALs. This was the official shirt of the event with limited quantities available for the public that sold out... twice!

Due to the incredible popularity of the shirt, we worked with the Navy SEAL Foundation to make this signature shirt have an exciting new twist: take a picture in the shirt at famous American spots and tag us with #American Tradition to win a henley and get a henley to donate to an American serviceman or veteran!


The Facts:

  • Ten percent of the sales from each shirt will go directly back to the Navy SEAL Foundation.
  • When supporters post a photo of themselves wearing the shirt with #AmericanTradition near an American icon, or hero, they will be entered to win a henley themselves and the opportunity to gift a henley to an active service member or veteran of their choosing. 
  • The campaign will be a year-long initiative to help raise awareness for veterans and The Navy SEAL Foundation with winners chosen each month!

Good lookin' shirt for a great cause! Get yours!


About the original Memorial Day Event:

This event featured a workout called "Murph" - a brutal test of will that was established in memory of LT Michael Murphy who died in service of The United States of America while pursuing enemy combatants for Operation Red Wings. He was the team leader of one of our Main Men, Marcus Luttrell. The "Murph" event was established by CrossFit, Inc. and in this instance was hosted by Norcal CrossFit's Jason Khalipa and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, though participants around the world partake every year in CrossFit boxes, their home gyms, on the beach, or wherever they can.

August 25, 2014


Preppy Has a Home


Mizzen+Main is proud to announce that we've added an incredible new stockist to the Mizzen+Main family this week.

Country Club Prep is an ecommerce site focused on offering the preppy attire that so many of us crave.  From boat shoes to suiting, Country Club Prep is now among the growing list of retailers that have acknowledged the future in menswear - Mizzen+Main! 

The team says, "We're looking forward to working with Mizzen + Main a great deal. We are proud to carry American made products, and it's about time performance wear made it into the board room!" Amen, friends!

You can check out Mizzen+Main on their site here. Oh, and we think that this vest looks great with this shirt from Mizzen+Main and these pants.

Happy prepping!




August 20, 2014


We're in the club

Savile Row Society is an exclusive Men’s club, designed to enhance the personal branding of professional men and transform their shopping experience through a personalized web-based retail shopping and styling service.

As some of you may know, Savile Row Society recently transitioned to a private site where their stylists communicate with clients and recommend outfits and products that best fit their wardrobe needs. Members can also schedule appointments with their personal stylist in their NYC-based showroom for fittings and try-ons.

Being a Main Man has its perks, and we've organized a limited time VIP pass to enter Savile Row. Just use your email and this link to access a cornucopia of style and guidance. 

Well, what are you waiting for? We know you're curious....check it out!
August 08, 2014


The Handsome Man Conventions: New York + DC

We have a very important announcement: Cannonball!

Our second important announcement: Our customers are pretty darn awesome. 

In all seriousness, we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the fabulous community of the thousands of Main Men (and ladies). It's always a treat to meet our compatriots face-to-face in their neck of the woods, AND, we feel like we're getting pretty good at planning shindigs. In fact, we've started keeping a list of Party Musts:

  1. Free booze: Don't be coy, we know you.
  2. Great partner locations: Jack Rose in DC and 22 Greenwich Ave in New York were perfect for our gatherings of good looking, like-minded Main Men and ladies!
  3. More talk. More Action: We're proud that Mizzen+Main products seem to unite individuals who have a passion for American-made goods, and support for our service members. The #Henleys4Heroes campaign was success because of you guys!
  4. Booty: Noooooo, not that kind...get your mind out of the gutter, Sir! Great offers for our attendees from Everybody needs an excuse for a treat now and again. Am I right, or am I right?

Want to see us come to your city? Let us know! We are hoping to plan quite a few celebratory gatherings in the coming months and would love to come where the fun people are!





July 31, 2014


Retail Partner Recognized

Mizzen+Main is proud to partner with a number of fantastic retail locations around the country.

We always love to see them recognized, especially when they are just beginning their own journey! One of our newest retail partners, Semi-Lux, was recently profiled in the news with Mizzen+Main prominently on display.

From the article:

"Busy professionals might say its too much of a hassle to go clothes shopping, and one new local business is catering to them.

Semi-Lux Inc. is an apparel company that caters to busy people where they spend most of their time: the office. Headquartered in Menands, Semi-Lux brings its 300-square-foot mobile showroom, complete with chandeliers and 16 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, to office parks, apartment buildings and other venues where those pressed for time may gather.

The mobile shop sells American-made custom shirts for men and women, as well as business dresses and accessories for ladies and gents. The company has hundreds of fabrics to choose from, and will custom-tailor the item to each individual’s liking.

Originally from Brooklyn, owner Heather Dwyer has lived and worked in Albany’s business world for many years. However, she thought of the concept while she was climbing through the Himalayas of Nepal. When she returned from her journey, she set the plan into action.

Her vision for the business, her first entrepreneurial endeavor, is to bring high-quality American-made clothing and accessories to those who can’t get away from their office park to go shopping. Semi-Lux is partnering with Real Estate Investment Trusts to serve clients in large, downtown office towers also.

'Generally, this is for the busy professional,' Dwyer said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday afternoon outside the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber headquarters. 'If you work in an office park, they’re like deserts of services, by zoning. There’s nothing else around.'

So, Dwyer came up with a solution. 

The mobile apparel business takes the showroom right to the customer’s home or place of work. The showroom will soon be traveling between New Jersey to Saratoga Springs, to office parks, outdoor events or wherever it’s called upon."

To read the full article, click here.

Congratulations, Heather!

Mizzen+Main will be sharing updates on Semi-Lux's location for men in the area who are interested in finding Mizzen+Main and other great apparel in their area. Stay in the loop on Twitter.

July 15, 2014


Korengal: A Private Screening

Please join Mizzen+Main for a drink and a private film screening of KORENGAL at Angelika Film Center in Dallas Wednesday July 30th at 7 PM. 

From May 2007 to July 2008, Battle Company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade was stationed in the remote Korengal Valley of eastern Afghanistan – considered one of the most dangerous postings of the war. The soldiers of Second Platoon built and manned a remote and strategic outpost that they named “Restrepo,” in honor of their medic, PFC Juan Restrepo, who was killed in action. This is their story, in their words, of a group of men who came to be considered the “tip of the spear” for American efforts in that area.

KORENGAL is a Saboteur Media presentation; a Battle Films production in association with Goldcrest Films and Outpost Films; directed by Sebastian Junger; produced by Nick Quested and Sebastian Junger; field photography by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger; edited by Michael Levine; original music by Marty Beller; co-produced by Gretchen McGowan.

Tickets and a drink are on us but note there will be very limited availability. You must RSVP via our Event Page. It's our honor to host this private screening in support of Sebastian Junger's efforts to share the story of these brave men.

We'll be giving a majority of the tickets to veteran service organizations we've worked with around Dallas. Cheers to these gents. The remaining tickets are limited and on a first response basis. Get yours quickly!

There will be a short Q&A after the event with soldiers who served in the region.

July 15, 2014

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DC and NYC Summer Soirees

Calling all gents in DC and New York!

Mizzen+Main is pleased to host events this Thursday and Friday nights in Washington DC and New York City respectively. Come wearing your Mizzen+Main shirts (we all know it's hot right now). Drinks are on us. Please RSVP to

Looking for the perfect summer shirt? Get yours here.

Don't forget: for each dress shirt you buy and post to Twitter or Instagram, we'll be donating a henley to an active duty service member or veteran for the month of July in our #Henleys4Heroes initiative.

Washington DC Event Information


New York City Event Information


June 30, 2014

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During the month of July, we're thrilled to lead #Henleys4Heroes. What's better than Henleys and Heroes? Nothing.

For every dress shirt purchased in July and post to Twitter or Instagram, we will donate a henley to an active duty service member or veteran in your name. How does it work?

  1. Buy a Mizzen+Main dress shirt.
  2. Snap a picture with the #Henleys4Heroes card that comes in your box (also available at our partner boutiques)
  3. Upload the picture to Twitter or Instagram
  4. Tag @MizzenAndMain and include #Henleys4Heroes
For each tagged post, a henley is heading to a hero, on us, thanks to you. We’ll work with various organizations that we’ve partnered with before to select servicemen to receive the shirts. Have someone specific you want your gift to go to? Just shoot us a note after you tag your picture!

--- SHOP ---

This incredible campaign runs through the end of July, so let's make it count!

Thank you for your continued support.

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