Behold the cues and behold the clues. Here is our perspective: eventually, progressive menswear will jettison the exclusive use of traditional fabrics like canvas and cotton. What our early adopters learned long before the masses? Tradition becomes obsolete; synthetic fabrics are the future. We strive to manufacture gear that performs as well as you do. Our mission, from day one, was to develop the most beautiful synthetic fabrics that happen to appear entirely organic. We wanted our gear to appear to be "nothing special", while performing like the height of technology.

Our clothes are not designed to make statements. We leave "making statements" up to the men and women who wear Mizzen+Main. We believe that we have achieved excellence in our shirting and so we will begin to move forward. Those first steps forward began with February's successful launch into next -- our 0-5 Performance Blazer. Next? Our tech denim. Next? Stay tuned. 

This is a look into our styling cues, seamlessly traditional and modern. Timeless, if you will. Credit for this look book goes to Kevin, Web, Steve, and Mr. Singer. Photography by Bradley. 

Mizzen+Main is Tradition. Evolved. 


Using performance fabrics for casual apparel is nothing new. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, perspiration-fighting materials have been hallmarks of tennis-friendly polo shirts and golf clothing for years now.

However Mizzen+Main sees things a bit differently: the brand is switching things up by bringing these technologically advanced textiles into the boardroom with their line of dress shirts that marry workaday formality with fabrications more typically found in athletic-wear. 


[UPDATED] The event was a grand time! It was great to have a handful of Mizzen+Main's San Francisco early adopters in attendance as we cheered to great cocktails and discussed the past-present-and-future of the brand. A shot from early on in the night included gents from Google, Shopify, Sequoia Capital. It is a pleasure to connect with the guys who believed in us early on and we hope that we can continue to exceed everyone's expectation. And we look forward to the next event.


We appreciate our Main Men and as such, we are hosting a whiskey night on April 3 at 6:30 PM on Pier 3. Wear your Mizzen+Main shirt and you drink on us! Our society events are amazing ways to make memories with gentlemen that feel like family. We discuss future plans and process feedback. That feedback has gotten us to this point today. 

Also in the News: 

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Mizzen+Main's top 1,000 customers received an email today. All future customers will receive one of their own. From now on, you will receive $10 for every successful referral over $100 using your unique code via social media and email. Often enough, our clients purchase 10-12 shirts at a time. Imagine receiving the perks of an earned shirt on us, just by passing along your unique link. As of today, that is a reality. 

Our Main Man Pete Hoffman was the first to take advantage of our new initiative. Let's welcome others to the team. 

Single best dress shirt I've ever owned. Check out Mizzen+Main

— Pete Hoffman (@PeteHoffman) March 25, 2014




Come celebrate March's Gallery Hop with us! Join us at the Mizzen+Main Columbus location for a grand time. At 7 PM on that night, we will kick off with cocktails. CrossFit Games athlete, media personality, Main Man, and musician Dan Bailey will be performing at 8:00 PM. He's so damn talented. 


Sign up here (80 spots): 


We will have drinks available and food catered by Fit Food Columbus. Guests who RSVP on Facebook to receive a Mizzen+Main gift credit for $50 applied to every $200 spent. We will be joined by some great folks, including other top athletes and friends of Mizzen+Main.


Mark IV Shirts Pictured

Original Technology, New Pricing. Tradition Evolved has been our mission from day one and as such, our shirting technology has improved four times since the launch of our brand in early summer of 2012. We have worked hard to make our great shirts even better, each time improving the fabric and intricate construction of each piece. We have moved fast.

As such, we gear up for a momentous spring with 12 new Mark IV pieces in the Mizzen+Main line rolling out over the next six weeks. Our new Blackman 2.0 and our Beckett gingham will be joined by a range of beautiful colors and patterns. Not to mention, one amazing blazer to add to your closet. As such, our pricing will be effectively changed to benefit those who want to purchase our original technology -- the remaining Mark I through Mark III shirts. If you have purchased one of those generations in the past 14 days, you will get a credit returned to you. 

Shop our updated pricing on Mark I-III Engineering.

We are serious about engineering traditional menswear in innovative ways. This is only the beginning. Spring 2014 is coming soon...



Monday begins our next evolution of Tradition. Evolved. We will be launching our 0-5 Performance Blazer, i.e. The Commander, on Kickstarter. The engineering of the blazer took 11 months to perfect: combinations of static and dynamic fabrics, never-before-used fabric in a men's blazer, and a modern fit that is the industry's best. Kevin and Web labored over the design with our R&D team and factory to get this right -- it is. 

The blazer moves with you. It breathes with you. You can throw it in your duffel, fly across our states, and wear it from the airport to your finest events and look the part. It has been a dream of ours to design a blazer that performs as well as you do. 

The founding team has already delivered dozens and dozens of personalized videos to our most devoted customers and we wanted to do the same for you. It doesn't scale but hey, we'll do it anyway. Include your email on our 0-5 Launch List and you will receive a personal email from Kevin and Web asking you to act on day one of our Kickstarter along side our existing commitments. And obviously, you will be the first to know when the launch goes live. We will need your help to make sure that the world knows what we're doing here at Mizzen+Main. Forever American Made. 

We hope that you enjoyed "The Maker." 

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