"The apparel oft proclaims the man." - Shakespeare. A great looking tie that balances color, pattern, and texture is perhaps the most critical accessory to a man's wardrobe. You can look the part in every way and ruin your appearance, or a critical impression, with a tie that doesn't rise to the occasion and represent who you are.There are too many ties out there that look exactly alike. Headlined by Stalward and Pierrepont Hicks, we will bring you a consistently distinctive set of quality, short run ties that will ensure you stand out in a refined and subtle, yet powerful, way. Nearly all of our ties are the last of their kind from "dead" fabric that is often discovered at establishments that have managed to find a few final yards of these beautiful fabrics. Once a tie goes off our site, we will not be able to bring it back.Look the part, from head to toe with all of your clothes and accessories. We're glad to help you proclaim yourself as the man you are.